Forest Produce foliage floral solutions



Respect for nature is at the heart of our business. The company has a very strong philosophy of environmental sustainability driven by the management team. Our harvesting operations are carefully researched and planned working on the principle of sustained yield; harvesting only what nature can renew every year.

Water - We don't have to irrigate, in the South of Ireland Mother Nature takes care of this for us!

Fertilizer - Foliage is not a high demanding crop and this coupled with regular testing of our organic soils mean that we apply minimal amounts of fertilizer.

Weed control - IIn 2015 we moved our new production to a bed based system where we plant into a biodegradable fabric that protects the plants from weeds for the first 4-5 years and this has led to a 70% reduction in chemical use.

Pest and disease control - In conjunction with Teagasc (The Irish State Agricultural Authority) we have a number of PHD and Masters students looking at ways to use IPM(integrated pest management) to improve our crops. We were also one of the first companies in Europe to introduce an outdoor biological control to manage aphid population in Eucalyptus.

We are fully compliant with the highest standards of certification for flower and foliage production.

Forest Produce foliage floral solutions

How do we care for the environment in our production sites?

The Company specifically uses the following techniques to manage the environment on our sites:

Fully implementing Global Gap standards.
We use natural biological outdoor pest control pioneered on our eucalyptus crop.
All grading done on site leaving behind only organic waste material.
Minimal fertilizer usage because of annual soil analysis.
Only harvesting sustainable yields.
Pioneering weed control to minimize chemical usage.

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