Achieve gender equality through pay and equal working rights, ensuring that no one is discriminated against due to their gender.

At Forest Produce we know that our staff are at the heart of our business, and we are proud to have a fully inclusive employment policy, always respecting gender equality and inclusivity, which lines up with our Gender Equality target from the UN's SDG's. We have a fair gender balance at our workplace and provide equal opportunities to everyone regardless of gender, with individuals working in management positions, the office, warehouse and in the fields.

We are committed to equality, and this is best demonstrated with 66% of our board of directors currently being female. Female workers make on average 6% more than their male counterparts, meaning that Forest Produce does not have any gender pay imbalance and demonstrates our commitment to equality and that everyone who works for us is paid fairly. This is also significant in comparison to the gender pay gap for the E.U. (14.9%) and Ireland (14.4%), where women are paid less on average.

We provide good and fair working conditions and have staff who have been working with us for over 20 years. We care about our staff's personal and career development offering both inhouse training and mentoring from external consultants.

Any form of discrimination is not tolerated within the company, and we are committed to providing a fair and equal workplace for each employee and all government guidelines are strictly followed. We are compliant with all government guidelines regarding wages and will remain so as Ireland introduces a living wage. We do not employ any slave labour and will not work with any company who have been found to have been doing so. This is very much against the standards we set here, and we expect those who work with us to also follow these guidelines.

Goals in Gender Equality
* To maintian our high level of gender equality throughout every aspect of our workforce.
* Maintaining a fair and balanced workplace in which no one individual is treated differently because of their gender, race, sexuality, nationality, or otherwise.
* Continuing to operate at the highest level of international standards led by the U.N. goals.