Decorated Range

We have developed a stunning range of decorated products which are a mix of Irish grown foliages which we treat with specific effects and outsourced products that we feel add value to our customers range.

We grow products such as Olearia with the specific intention of adding glitters, scents and paints to help our customers differentiate their offer from the masses.

We are particularly proud of our scented range which is bringing scent back into the floral offers.

Scent is intrinsic to our industry but many perfumed varieties have been lost - so we have spent the last 5 years researching how to put it back!

So far we have developed a small but increasing range, focusing initially on the Christmas season. Cinammon, Star of Anise, Ginger, Clove and Nutmeg (with complementary glitter shimmer for sparkle) have lifted many seasonal ranges, including scented Birch bunches and pine cones.

The scents are a great way to add value and a point of difference to bouquets and arrangements.

Scented cones: The scented range is continuously being developed to include fragrances that can be potentially used all year round on our foliages and dried products - we will keep you updated with any news.

Painting: We can supply any pantone colour required or can offer a bespoke painting service to customers to deliver the theme and look required each season.

We have the capability to produce large volumes with short lead times while minimising the environmental impact by using only water-based paints that contain no acetone.

Glittering: A great finish which can be used on its own or with the addition of paint to add real impact on foliages, fresh and dried, especially at peak times.

Frost & Snow: Over the last two years we have developed a much improved finish for an exceptionally natural look featuring both Frost, Snow and our Moonlight Frost with a seasonal shimmer - all perfect for Christmas.