Reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions and taking further steps to help mitigate the effect of climate change.

We have recognised the impact climate change has had on the world and we have also felt that effect in our own business operations. We are committed to playing our part in climate change and are making further developments to our business to combat this. We have employed a consultant, Noel Mulligan, who was the head of the department of Biological & Pharmaceutical Sciences at MTU and brings over 25 years of experience to us. He is also currently working with the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine as an ecology consultant. As an expert in the field of sustainability, who has been involved in the development and management of several projects, he is able to review our overall sustainability direction along with giving us advice on our crucial next steps.

Dr. David Bek is another leader in the field of sustainability who we have been engaging with, who currently works with Coventry University in the UK as a lecturer and researcher. He has a wealth of experience in the field of sustainability and has done extensive work in the flower industry in South Africa by developing training courses, monitoring, and evaluating tools to promote enhanced sustainability in practice.

One of the most crucial steps we have taken so far is to have an SSEA energy audit conducted. An outside consultant came to our site, analysed all of our energy use, and made recommendations based on what was discovered. After analysing the report we received it became clear as to where we can cut down on our energy use and reduce our carbon emissions. These recommendations are going to be actioned over the next couple of years and will bring in a significant reduction to our carbon emissions so that we can play our part in battling climate change. It really gave us a lot of insight into our energy use has set us on a clear path to reduce our carbon output.

We have also begun the process of getting our carbon footprint certified, with the eventual hope of being certified as a carbon neutral industry. We are looking at several carbon assessors who can provide us with an accurate reading of out carbon emissions, give us advice and a pathway to reducing these emissions and has a credible standing within the industry. By using the data we have provided and having it analysed it will become clear to us as to where we stand in terms of our carbon emissions and where the necessary reductions can be made. We have also had several discussions with experts in carbon to better understand our footprint and see why the changes we make are necessary not just for us, but for the environment too.

Our custom-built warehouse contains new energy efficient cold storage facilities, and all lighting is supplied by low energy L.E.D. bulbs. We are also looking into installing solar panels in our warehouses as a further form on energy waste reduction, as well as exploring further options to reduce waste, overall energy usage and reduce our carbon footprint, as we make a push to become a carbon neutral company.

We have developed an internal energy policy which also includes an action plan to achieve our goals within a given timeframe. This energy policy outlines our commitment to becoming a more sustainable company, our net zero carbon target which is set for 2025, the appointment of a sustainability officer and our plan for reducing energy costs and carbon emissions by moving to more renewable energies. The overall aim of this policy is to give us guidelines and goals to work against and track our progression.


• Apply the findings of our energy audit.
• To take further steps in the reduction of our carbon emissions by installing solar panels
• ID credible carbon certifier and measure the companys carbon footprint.
• Set a date for achieving carbon neutrality.
• Complete installation of LED lights throughout our office site.