Here at Forest Produce we are committed to engaging in sustainable practices to ensure that our produce is grown with farming practices that do not damage the environment and that we provide a good, safe, and respectful place to work . I have been working in the fresh produce industry since 1995, involved with the company since 2006 as an investor and grower and have been a committed environmentalist from a young age. I was early adopter of organic beef farming in Ireland in the 1990's, have converted over 200 acres of grassland to forestry and in the early 2000's started developing a large-scale renewable energy project on my family's farm. I want Forest Produce to be aligned with these values and that we put sustainability, our staff, and the environment first in everything we do.

We have aligned ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals so we are part of this important international movement and can measure our achievements against them. We have determined that the goals which best fit our business include; 5. Gender Equality, 12. Responsible Consumption & Production and 13. Climate Action. We believe by focusing on these goals, we can be a part of the solution by helping to maintain the environment while also providing a safe, fair, and decent working life for all employees. So far I have found this journey with the company uplifting and look forward to the strides we can make in the future with the idea that we can produce great products without damaging the planet while providing a good experience for all that come into contact with the company.